Story No. 19


There was a time where I completely gave up. A time where I thought I wasn’t worthy to live up to my dreams. I was wrong. I joined a school that helped me find myself. Helped me understand who I truly was, what I really wanted to be. They believed in me so much that I was completely connected with one particular teacher. Years apart, yet a day difference in our birthday. We shared lots of things in common such as , wanting to help others. She taught me so much. Not only was she my favorite teacher but she was my mentor. She provided me with so many opportunities, like traveling to the White House to talked about civic engagement.

. She included me in clubs where I could help out my community and know what it means to make a difference. I am grateful, and pleased to have met someone like her, to have made a difference in my life. When others from my family didn’t support me, she was always there to guide me and lead me to the path I was meant to be in. Because of her, I will continue my education, and help others who don’t have a voice by representing them as an their immigration attorney.